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What can you look forward to when wandering along the Bečva Cycle Path?

Above all, a pleasant ride through a varied landscape on a safe road. A large part of the cycle path leads along newly built sections from which motor traffic is excluded. Part of the route leads along low-traffic local roads and paved forest and field roads, and you have to spend only a minimum time on motor roads. However, projects are being prepared that will ensure that you will be able to ride from the sources of the Vsetínská and Rožnovská Bečva to the confluence of the Bečva with the River Morava without fear of car traffic.

What can you see along the way?

There are lots of interesting places. Let us randomly mention the beautiful natural environment of the Beskydy Mountains and wooden Wallachian houses scattered around the villages and towns of the region or concentrated in the Rožnov open-air museum. You will be able to stop in the centres of historic towns with many interesting monuments, such as Vsetín, Valašské Meziříčí, Hranice, Lipník nad Bečvou, or Přerov. You can visit museums, castles, and chateaux directly on the route or in its immediate vicinity. Find details in the menu, in the Tourist Destinations tab.

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